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I am a passionate data scientist who has a demonstrated history of working in the data science and computer software industry. Skilled in programming (Python, R, matlab, and many other), statistics, mathematics and engineering skills, with a Master focused in Web Intellegence & Data Science (WISD) from Faculty of Science Dhar El Mahraz Fez Morocco, and Master in Exploration Informatique des Données et Décisionnel (EID2) Faculty Sorbonne Paris Nord France.

Curious about data, Hacker mentality, Problem solving, Strategic, Proactive, Creative, Innovative and collaborative, Storytelling skills, Translating data-based knowledge into decisions and actions, Visual art design.

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Being a good data scientist also means being creative. A data scientist needs strong math skills, particularly in multivariable calculus and linear algebra and being able to code is critical to almost any data scientist position.


Python | R | Matlab | Java | Prolog | Sklearn | NLTK | SpaCy | Gensim Pytorch | Keras | Tensorflow | Matplotlib | numpy | Scipy | pandas Django | Flask | Selenium | REST | SOAP | JEE | Hadoop

Math & Statistic

Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Data Mining | Big Data | Data Warehouse Statistical modeling | Bayesian inference SVM | KNN | K-Means | RNN | LSTM | CNN | SOM | NLP | LDA | PCA | XGBoost


Tableaux | Power-BI | R-Studio | Eclipse | Net-Beans | Sublime | Dev-C++ | Scilab | Photoshop | Camtasia | BuildBox | Texmaker | AutoCAD | Android Studio | Oxygen | PyCharm | Matlab | WampServer | Open ERP

Data Bases & Desktops

MySQL | SQLite | Oracle | Word | Excel | PowerPoint | Latex

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personnel management

Development of an Open ERP application for personnel management.

PDF into XML

Creation of an application to convert PDF files to XML.

community management

Automated Data Science applies a mobile solution (Mobile Application) for community management.

Snoring detection

Classifie sound into snoring and no snoring

Speaker Recognition

Train a model to predict voice print of a speaker (d-vec)

Emotion Recognition

Speech based emotion recognition (audio files)

Desyle shop

A shopping website

Old companies say about me

On this occasion, I would like to thank them all very much for giving me the opportunity to be one of their teams, even if it's for a while, I enjoyed working with them and exploring my career further, once again thank you very much.