community management

Automated Data Science applies a mobile solution (Mobile Application) for community management.

  • Benchmark to set up a catalogue of open source AI libraries, specifying and role for each of them, its implementation mode and its field of use.
  • Collect social media data (Facebook/Twitter API, Reddit).
  • Text pre-processing (NLP, Spacy, NLTK, GoogleWord2Vec).
  • Train classification models (KNN, LSTM, Deep Learning).
  • Recommendation systems, suggest a collaborative relationship between platform users link prediction (Graph Theory, RDF, XGBoost).

The objective of the project is to design and develop a system for recommending collaborators in a social, exchange and sharing platform, which will bring together people with a common heritage, interest or need. To use the different machine learning algorithms (supervised and unsupervised) to create links between the users of the application.

PDF into XML

Creation of an application to convert PDF files to XML.

  • Processing of PDF files (Bank reports)
  • Creation of XML files with information extracted from PDF files.
  • Human Machine Interface (Swing)

personnel management

Development of an Open ERP application for personnel management.

  • Rating:
  • Client: Omega Network
  • Website: Facebook Page
  • Completed: 01 Sept 2017

  • Installation of programs (Linux, Odoo, Python)
  • Human machine interface (XML, XSD, Python)
  • Market Research